NODA Awards

The call for the third NODA awards is now closed. Deadline for entries was until February 19th 2016.

The awards will honour the use of data through innovative journalism, creative visualisation and proof of advanced technology skills. In addition to previous editions of NODA awards in Stockholm (2013) and in Ålesund (2015), there is a brand new category for mobile data journalism. This is due to the fact that news is already more often consumed on smart phones than desktop computers.

The prizes are awarded for the following four categories:

1. Investigative data journalism
(Data-driven investigative journalism – using data to reveal facts.)
Should have influence on society. Journalism and user experience on the highest level. Usage of one or more datasets should be significant for the project.

2. Feature data journalism
(Data storytelling with text, visualisation, video)
Storytelling providing insight through putting data in context. Text, graphics, video, maps or other innovative presentations of data. Entertaining and playful aspects could also be emphasised.

3. Application
(Data-driven applications)
Sharing data with the public through services providing insight, intuitive navigation, and simplicity in further use.

4. Mobile data journalism challenge
Data journalism especially designed for smart phones, or otherwise exceptionally good presentation (visualisation) and functionality (interactivity) also on smaller screens.

Projects published in 2015 can be entered from media companies or freelancers in all Nordic countries. The jury will place special emphasis on resource utilisation, methods and mastery of tools. The number of entries is limited to two awards per category and newsroom for the effective work of the jury. The jury may nominate a number of entries for publishing before the award itself. The nominees will be presented at the award ceremony at NODA16 in Helsinki on 22 April, 2016.

For questions: Carl-Gustav Lindén,, +358405157682

References to previous awarded work are found here.

Selected submissions will be published at and